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1v1 and Small Group Coaching

CoachUpFC FAST offers individual and small group training to non-FC FAST players and teams.  We specialize in training for children 4-15 years old at all levels, from beginners to academy and early select level players.  Our coach will work on improving foot skills along with a custom package to develop passing, receiving, shooting, defending and speed/agility depending on the needs of the individual and group.  In the smaller setting, we work on specific techniques that is typically not covered in most teams practice sessions.

We use positive reinforcement and make sure the player(s) are having fun.  Your child will look forward to each session and show improvement week to week.  Our coaches have their youth license for all the ages we cover.  Our Director of Coaching, Paul Donaghy, is ranked a ALL-STAR on CoachUp and is one of the top ranked soccer coaches in the DFW area and the state of Texas on CoachUp.

For more information about a custom 1v1 or small group coaching, please contact us.