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FC FAST Academy Soccer

Our Academy and Select Programs takes your soccer experience to the next level.  Increased emphasis on skills development and competition levels promotes accelerated growth of soccer technique and knowledge.  We give you all the benefits of playing competitive level soccer, without all the costs associated with the larger programs.


The academy leagues offers young players a developmental experience above the challenge of playing recreational soccer and is intended to supplement recreational play NOT to replace it. The focus of academy is development and not on competitive play or selecting a league champion.  These academy leagues are for girls and boys U7, U8, U9 and U10.  All players must be an age pure U7 - U10 player to be eligible.  Age pure U6's may not play up to U7.

Our academy games can feature more players on a larger field and include a goalie protecting a larger goal.  Some of the rules are also different as academy uses the offside rule and allows for unlimited substitutions on the fly.  It more closely resembles the professional game.  Our academy aged teams (U7-U10) play primarily in The PIT Ligue Elite.


Once boys reach the U11 age level they move to the "select" age group which brings a host of changes to the players experience.  At this age players sign a one-year contract to play for just one club for the soccer year (July 1 - June 30).  Tryouts occur in June before the July 1 signing date.  Leagues also focus a bit more on winning with promotion and relegation in the top select age leagues.  FC FAST still emphasizes individual development at this age group while introducing more team tactics into the equation.

Costs can really skyrocket at the select age with big clubs charging from $3,000 - $5,000 with our club charging a small fraction of that cost.  Our Select aged teams (U11+) play in the Classic League or Plano Premier League.

For more information on playing academy soccer with FC FAST, please feel free to check out our Frequently Asked Questions.