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FC FAST Difference

At FC FAST we are different than other academy programs in the area. We are a unique volunteer based academy program that believes fun, touches, teamwork and coaching creates the right soccer experience for youth soccer players.  We are also unique in the fact that we build our teams around the sport of futsal, the primary sport for many youth players throughout South America and Spain which builds superior ball control.

What else makes us different from the other programs out there?

  • Experienced volunteer academy coaches - we do it for the love of kids and soccer, not a paycheck.  Our coaches have excellent soccer backgrounds and want to share their knowledge and passion for the beautiful game with your child.

  • Cost - because we our volunteers, our entire program cost about as much as other academies uniform cost alone and this includes the cost to register for academy, training, equipment and our uniform fee.

  • Technology - we utilize smart phone apps so that you have your schedule right at your fingertips that can link directly to your calendar and Google maps when you get lost heading to the field.  Wondering what happened in the game when you were out of town?  Just check out the score in your team app.

  • We work with recreational coaches - not against them.  We want kids to continue to play on their rec teams and with their school and soccer friends.  We just offer an additional level of training and competition to keep your little soccer star even more challenged.

  • We work with other sports - our players are great athletes who love soccer, but they also love baseball, basketball, football, tennis, hockey, lacrosse, karate and a host of other recreational activities.  We won't demand your full focus on soccer.

  • Skill Development - our programs and training are built focused on skill development.  From futsal and Coerver skills training sessions our goal is to improve your child's soccer skills.

  • Speed/agility training - because our players do participate in other sports and speed/agility is an important component in soccer, we incorporate drills that help improve these attributes in our weekly skills sessions in addition to our emphasis on ball skills.  Our name is FC FAST after all.

  • Leadership - we want your child to be a leader both on and off the field.  We incorporate leadership principles into the program to promote great sportsmanship, communication and teamwork in everything we do.

  • Fun - we truly want your child to develop a passion for the game of soccer by having fun while playing it.  Fun comes from having the confidence to try new things on the field to making the coach look silly by schooling them in a practice session and playing with friends.

  • Whether your a current coach of a team looking to take your team to the next level or a youth player in the North Texas area, we would love to chat to you about joining our FC FAST family.