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FC FAST Skills Training

FC FAST Skills Sessions are incorporated into practices.  Want to add some awesome skills to your repertoire to create those WOW moments on the pitch?  Skills training is what you are looking for.  Just let us know your coming on the contact page and we will reserve a spot for you.  Get ready for advanced moves and small sided games to practice what you have been trying to perfect.

The purpose of our skills training sessions is to make you more comfortable with the ball. Pullbacks, shoulder feints, jump cuts, step overs, scissors and the Cruyff turn are just a few of the moves we will help you master to beat your opponent one-on-one during the big game.

On thing that FC FAST does a little different from other academy teams is add a speed and agility component to our skills sessions.  With a name like FC FAST, our players have to be quick on the pitch.

We hope to see you out at our skill sessions!